Rose Colors and Their Meaning

Roses are among the most celebrated flowers. It is one of the blooms that is constantly being given regardless of the occasion. If you want to surprise someone, you can always express it through a bouquet of roses. Want to declare your love? Roses are the best way to do it!

There is now a new variety of roses that is referred to as luxury roses. These luxury roses are called as such because of the size of its blooms, its color, and its stems. Long stem roses are quite common in flower shops, but luxury roses are usually only offered by specialty flower shops. These roses come in different colors with different  rose color meanings . 

A red rose signifies love. Additionally, a red rose is also a symbol of respect, courage and is often given out as a form of a congratulation for a job well done. This is the reason why red roses never go out of style. If you want to say your thank you to someone, you can artistically send out a well-arranged bouquet of red roses. Red roses are also commonly given out to your special someone as a symbol of love.

Another common color is white. White roses are commonly seen at weddings. This is mainly because a white rose signifies youthfulness, innocence, and purity. This variety of rose is almost always available in flower shops despite the flower being usually present in weddings. Some people prefer white roses over the red variety because of its symbol of purity. For others, they also like to combine both white and red roses in a bouquet as it symbolizes unity.

The pink rose is also a very common variety that is usually seen during Mother's Day. It symbolizes appreciation, happiness, and grace. Other than being given out during your mother's special day, pink roses are also good to be used during a daughter's 16th birthday.

Luxury dozen roses are often seen having all of these colors combined. There are luxury roses that have three colors, while there are those that almost resemble a rainbow. For years, roses have been cultivated for its medicinal, aesthetic and nutritional values. It remains to be a powerful symbol of love and beauty and is one of the flowers that are easy to grow. Should you wish to get your message across, do it in style and send that person a bouquet of long stem roses.